Welcome to Our World


It is no accident that you found us. Your soul is guiding you to remember what you have forgotten. Your heart’s compass is leading you back to your true Self—a deeply loved spiritual being who has chosen to be immersed in a human experience. Awakening to this realization is the first step on your path to freedom.

Discovering your true Self is the key to your liberation from the pain, stress and anxiety of trying to fit all that you are into a 3-D container.

The tools that are being offered through us include short yet profound teachings that you can listen to on the go, easy, guided meditations by one of the Archangels or Masters, and practical ways to incorporate what you learn into your everyday life.

Our goal is to help you know the beauty that is you in its fullest expression. As you embark on this joyful exploration of your true nature, you will discover that you not only have direct communication with your Source, but also that you are never alone because you are and always have been one with Source.

Here are just some of the things you can achieve with the benefit of these teachings

  • Create the life you desire
  • Reclaim your personal power
  • Transform reaction into choice
  • Discover self-value instead of self-judgment
  • Learn how to create balance in all aspects of your life

Knowing your Self and how you operate in daily life are integral parts of your journey. This knowledge enables you to recognize where there are fragmented thoughts, emotions and beliefs that hinder you in achieving the peace and harmony you desire. As you begin to know yourself more intimately, you clearly perceive the beauty of your Soul blueprint, as well as your many gifts and abilities. You see what needs to be transformed without self judgment. This opens the possibility for you to create great change quickly and precisely. You not only know that you are loved and supported; you also feel it as you explore your true nature because we have shown you how to create a personal connection with your Source.

We are excited and deeply grateful to be of service.


Metatron: Your journey begins

Listen to Archangel Metatron, as channeled by Joan, explain why your journey to freedom begins here. He encourages you to see the light of Source within you and the beauty of your soul. He asks that you step beyond your fears and limitations that have been preventing you from living a life that is peaceful, harmonious and in full resonance with who you are. He invites all who seek to grow to join us on this magnificent, light-filled journey.





Many auspicious beings from the higher realms of Creation have come to help humanity evolve into the 5th dimension. We are very fortunate to have their assistance of the Archangel and Ascended Master realms in delivering the teachings that Archangel Metatron has asked us to share. The Archangels are masters of energetics. They bring to Earth many energetic templates that imprint the higher dimensional concepts of the 5th dimension in our physical consciousness. This enables us


Joan and John


As part of their spiritual journey, Joan and John asked to actively assist humanity as it evolves. Archangel Metatron answered their request and gave them this service project. Joan comes to this project with experience as a spiritual teacher and a clear channel for a myriad of light beings from both the Archangelic Realm and Ascended Master Realm. She has co-facilitated the creation of two teaching curricula for spiritual development. When Archangel Metatron invited her to participate in




A pod, in this application, is a short grouping of teachings that can be accessed very easily by people on the go with very busy lives. There are four teaching sessions in each pod. Each teaching session can be completed in less than an hour of a student’s time. Each session contains a short teaching by Joan and John; a channeled guidance by one of the archangels or masters facilitated by Joan; a guided reflective journey and a short written question and answer sheet designed to