About Joan and John Walker

As part of their spiritual journey, Joan and John asked to actively assist humanity as it evolves. Archangel Metatron answered their request and gave them this service project.

Joan comes to this project with experience as a spiritual teacher and a clear channel for a myriad of light beings from both the Archangelic Realm and Ascended Master Realm. She has co-facilitated the creation of two teaching curricula for spiritual development.

When Archangel Metatron invited her to participate in this project, Joan was very happy to make herself available. She also knew of the perfect partner to assist in this teaching.

John comes to this project with great expertise as a teacher who motivates students to draw from their own internal knowledge and to use their skills and abilities very consciously in their daily life. By motivating students in this way, he builds their self-confidence to problem solve and achieve a more spiritual and conscious life.

Joan and Joan exemplify a balance in the masculine and feminine expression in a human body. This balance is a necessary part of creating in form. It is also through balance that unity consciousness is achieved.

Joan WalkerJoan Walker

As a successful small business owner for more than 20 years, Joan influenced her employees and clients by integrating spiritual values into the business arena. Her spiritual background in mystical Christianity and the sacred teachings of Hinduism have given her a diverse perspective on consciousness drawn from a variety of world religions. She also has been a student of A Course in Miracles for many years.

Joan is a gifted channel for the archangels and ascended masters and has used this gift personally for many years. She emerged into the public arena in 2005 as a channel and spiritual teacher by facilitating teachings and special projects for Master Kuthumi and archangels – Metatron, Michael, Zadkiel and Uriel – to guide humanity’s shift in consciousness. As a clear channel, she has been instrumental in the development of Mastering Alchemy Level 2 and 3 programs.

It was through her relationship with Jim Self that the Level 3 of Mastering Alchemy teaching was developed. Joan was chosen as the vehicle through which the many concepts of Level Three were channeled. The developmental process began in late 2005 and continues today as more information is provided by the archangelic and master realms.

Joan also took part in Jim Self’s annual student conferences three years in a row, during which she channeled Master Kuthumi and many archangels. The 11-11-11 gathering was a very auspicious event that was attended by 450 Mastering Alchemy Level 2 and 3 students.

It was during this event that a great triad of beings — Yeshua, Lord Maitreya and Sanat Kumara — made their presence known to the students through Joan, and facilitated the return of the Christed matrix to humanity and to Earth. A year later, Joan also co-facilitated and channeled at Mastering Alchemy’s 12-12-12 conference.

Joan is now guided to make herself known to all. At the specific request of Archangel Metatron, and under the guidance of the archangels and masters, she is now developing some basic teachings that anyone can use in their daily life. These teachings, which will be short and simple to use, are specifically designed for those with busy lives who need ways to express their true divine nature for both their own personal evolvement, as well as that of the collective.

There is a great need for awareness of self in everyday interactions at this time, as well as a true balance of masculine and feminine energy. For this, Joan and the Archangelic Realm have enlisted the assistance of her life partner and husband, John Walker. Together, Joan and John will present a new understanding of the co-creative power that is available when masculine and feminine aspects come together in balance as was originally intended at the Dawn of Creation.

John Walker

John Walker

John comes into this teaching arena with great expertise in motivating people to utilize their inner knowing and inner strengths. The foundation for his skills came through the business world where he was a leader and manager for a large corporation, coaching and teaching sales throughout the country.

Using his own special spiritual gifts as the directing force, John taught self-confidence and self-respect, as well as compassion and respect for others as pivotal components in the team-building and problem-solving processes.

During his corporate business career, John discovered that the key to communication was to put oneself in the other person’s shoes. This enabled him to understand what was needed in the moment. Many years of personal interaction with thousands of people have taught him that staying present and listening attentively to all concerned are key factors in creating win-win situations. He also discovered that spending quiet time in reflection and connecting to one’s resources are necessary practices to opening one’s self up to receiving guidance and choosing directions and decisions that are founded in compassion. So successful were his methods that to this day, clients still commission John to train their own staff in developing problem-solving, team-building and effective communication skills.

John now comes into a more expanded role within his partnership with Joan to use these skills and abilities with a spiritual focus to teach and exemplify a balance of masculine and feminine energy. His down-to-earth approach is of great value as he is able to take even the most complex spiritual concepts and help students translate them into a format that can be easily applied in their daily lives.

For the past year, John and Joan taught fundamental spiritual and energetic principles in their weekly classes.

In great gratitude


We are in great gratitude to the many wonderful light beings who participate in this teaching. It is through their guidance and loving support that makes this possible. Some of the auspicious archangels who visit with us often are Metatron, Gabriel, Michael,  Uriel and Ariel to name a few. The masters who visit are Kuthumi, El Morya, Yeshua, Mother Mary, Anna and Mary Magdalene.